Welcome to my new blog which will chronicle the historical and ever changing modern relationship between the UK and the EU. I feel like I should introduce myself. My name is Amy Manktelow and I am an International Relations PhD candidate at Nottingham Trent University. My thesis is a dismantling of the relationship that the UK has with the EU in context to migration from North Africa concentrating on my core concepts of securitization, manipulation and cooperation. My academic interests stem from a personal interest in the movement of people and how governments react to that movement.

Freedom of movement is something which we as human beings have done for centuries from the nomadic tribes of Africa to the American settlers heading West. However movement never occurs smoothly as human beings have an inbuilt trait to fear “the other” (something that can manifest itself in all corners of life often when differences are more stark). This reaction manifests in conflict, racism and cultural misunderstanding and seeps into the conciousness of society, the media and the government. I could provide an exhaustive list of events where reactions to another have caused national and international unrest, even the wiping out of entire cultures.

My interest in the fear of “the other” is how this can have an effect on the way in which states react to immigration. More often that not (most) states perceive immigration (regardless off how many immigration or the type of immigrant they are) as a direct threat to sovereignty.Threats to sovereignty are dealt with through security driven mandates rather than a humanitarian based mandate, a trend which I argue has been increasing since the post WW2.

This blog will be an dissemination of some of the key current arguments and a look back at where current political action against immigration in around the UK and the EU has stemmed from. I also have a real passion for the history of migration to the UK so from time to time I may post more historical pieces. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment!

The next blog will be up in the next couple of days. I will be demystifying migration language that is commonly misused by the media and governments alike.